Colorado Writing School

One of the most helpful things we can do for ourselves as writers is join a regular critique group. But they can be hard to find or assemble, so we've decided to do it for you! 

 We've put together a questionnaire to help match writers well (nothing to get anxious over, it's questions like what genre do you write in and how often would you like to meet, etc). In my opinion, the optimal sized critique group is five, so we will aim to create groups of five, based on where you live, what genre you are working in and how often you'd like to meet. These are independent groups, so no CWS staff member will participate or visit your critique group, but we will be facilitating the organization of groups until they are off and running on their own, meaning we will be adding folks until you are at five. Also, if you end up in a group that you don't feel fits what you're looking for, you can let us know and we'll find a different group for you. 

Here's how it works: 
1. Send an email to the address below and tell us you are interested:
2. We'll send you a questionnaire. 
3. Send the filled out questionnaire back along with a three page double spaced sample of your writing (another way we can better match folks)
4. Hang out while we find a group for you, at which point we'll contact you.


We can help you find a critique group!