Colorado Writing School

Colorado Writing School Member Publications

Colorado Writing School was founded in January of 2011, originally named the Louisville Writers Workshop. In the years since the group first started, we have grown exponentially and celebrated many achievements by our members.

Publications by members of the Colorado Writing School:

Liv Spikes 

"The Space Between", Briar Cliff Review, forthcoming, Spring 2016 

Susan Harper
"The Pot Bellied Stove", The Front Porch Review 2014

"Liberty", Fiction on the Web, March 2016

C.R. (Chuck) Hodges
"Three-Quarters Martian", On the Premises, July 2011
"The Last Ghost of the War", Bards and Sages Quarterly, April 2011
"Walking with Great Uncle", Longmont Library’s We Believe 2013 Anthology, March 2013
"The Fletchers Nyqvist", Kazka Press, June 2012
"Stranded", On the Premises, September 2013
"The Confederate Cavalryman’s Saber", Lacuna Journal, October 2013
"The Steamer Trunk", Metro Fiction, April 2013
Along Sand Creek", Bards and Sages Quarterly, April 2013
"Queen Méabh", Electric Spec, August 2013
"Believe", Silver Blade, August 2013
"Airlock", Perihelion Science Fiction, November 2013
"Preschool War Games", Cicada, March 2014
"Gho",Bardic Tales and Sage Advice, Volume 6 anthology, July 2014
"Martian Rules", Stupifying Stories, November 2015
"First Frost", Three, December 2015

Steven Johnson
"Monoceros", Ptolemy Cluster, November 2014

Geoff Jones
The Dinosaur Four, Amazon 

Joan Elaine Muller
“On the Way to Lunch,” Amarillo Bay Journal
“Humming,” Narrative Magazine
“The Shears”, Review Americana Journal

Patrick F Rooney
The Angel of Innisfree, Amazon
The Acheron Deception, Amazon

Jason Rush

"Great Oak", Pseudopod, October 2015

James Shade
The Thieves of Islar, Amazon

Leanette Tarpley 
Project War God - Mars Mission Prep, Amazon

Sally Wagner 
"Entanglement", Per Contra, Summer 2016, Issue 40

Karen Whalen
Everything Bundt the Truth, forthcoming with Wild Rose Press 
Not According to Flan, forthcoming from Wild Rose Press

Anne Wilcox 
"Death Lessons", RMFW Press, September 2007